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ProjectBlaze Flashing Guide

( Prerequisite Unlocked Bootloader With Custom Recovery )
( Data Format Is required to install Project Blaze A14 ) 
  1.  Flash Orange Fox Recovery (A14)  through existing Custom Recovery or any Other Custom Recovery For A14 
  2.  Wipe Dalvik, Cache, Metadata, Data 
  3.  Flash Any EX01 Firmware ( Mandatory ) ( Recommended One is Given in Download Link )
  4.  Flash Project Blaze Custom ROM zip 
  5.  Flash Magisk Delta ( Optional but required since CTS fails for now in beta builds ) ( You can flash later after booting too )
  6.  Now, Format DATA and Reboot 
  7. Don’t Forget to flash Safetynet-fix-v2.4.0-MOD Magisk Module Else few apps will be unavailable in playstore.
  1.  NFC is disabled wont work ( Source Disabled it )
  2. Three Finger Swipe Screenshot wont work ( Source Issue )
  3.  Caution It can be used as daily driver but those who dont have experience with taking logs if error occur PLEASE DONT FLASH 😅
  1. If the color of the system UI doesn’t match the wallpaper color, try setting the Icon pack to default first.
  2. If the clock size/color options crashes, set the clock to the default style first, set the size/color there, move back to the style you wanted.
====THANK YOU ====

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